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List Description
A_cafe [a_cafe_k]
Aas Ashram Asylum Seekers
AcLab Anti-cloud Lab
Activistmediationlist [no description available]
ADFC-WF-Radler das Forum für Fahrradfreunde in Wolfenbüttel und Umgebung
AktiviX-discuss Linux for activists
AktiviX-request requests for email accounts and lists from
AktiviX-users for users of aktivix mailboxes and admins of aktivix lists
alt-media-res [no description available]
Anarchaithacans Anarchist Discussion, News, and Events in the Ithaca NY Area.
Anti-rafle liste de diffusion d'anti-rafle
aul [no description available]
bilstonglen Bilston Glen Anti-Bypass Protest Site Info
Bristol-artivist A Bristol group doing art with activist purposses
BristolLegalObserverNetwork Bristol Legal Observer Network
Brumsc brum social centre collective list
Btm-network [no description available]
Cbe-allies Fighting for environmental justice.
cc-cambridge climate camp Cambridge list
Cc-communications [no description available]
cc-tranquility-welcome climate camp tranquillity and welcome group
Certif-agrofuel [no description available]
Cga-lyon-public Annonces des activités, manifestation et envoie du journal du groupe lyonnais de la CGA.
Channelcrossing [no description available]
Christianarchy-uk Christians and Anarchists
CIRCA This is the announcements list for CIRCA
Cja-press Climate Justice Action: latest news
Cntmirail [no description available]
Colombiasolidarityuk [no description available]
comosoc organizacion interna de grupo local
Cop25volun testeos
Defend-education-announce Cambridge Defend Education announcements list
Defend-education-media Cambridge Defend Education media working group
Defend-education-meetings Meetings working group of Cambridge Defend Education
Defend-education-organise Cambridge Defend Education organising list
Defend-education-outreach Outreach working group of Cambridge Defend Education
Defend-education-publicity Publicity working group of Cambridge Defend Education
Defend-education-teach-in Teach In working group of Cambridge Defend Education
Detainee-support-network Support network for refugees, detainees and their supporters
Development-southeast Resisting Destructive Capitalist Development in the South East
Dissent-announce [no description available]
Dissent-bristol-info Bristol Dissent Research & Info
Easf-announce East Anglia Social Forum Announcements
ENS Education Not for Sale news
ENS-discuss deletion requested
Escapegoat [no description available]
EvolvingMinds for discussion of alternatives to psychiatry and organising relevant events
Fareshares_newsletter Newsletter for Fareshares, a food co-op in London
Femfight [no description available]
Flame Finger Lakes Action Medics & Educators
Fnbfestival Planning for the 30th anniversary festival of Boston Food Not Bombs
Frac-Attack Updates list for Frac Attack: Dawn of the Watershed
G8-mediaresponse [no description available]
g8-sheffield List for organising protests at the G8 meeting in Sheffield.
Gca-announce [no description available]
graveyard-info DotGoC! Information List
graveyard-org DotGoC! Organisers' List
Growroots [no description available]
Gv-activiteiten [no description available]
Hacklabs [no description available]
HacktionLab An occasional convergence to discuss technical topics
Hacktionlab-announce HacktionLab and BarnCamp news and details over upcoming events
Hahasejtek [no description available]
HANDgreenteam HAND Green Team
Huntsabsmailinglist Hunt Saboteurs Association
Imc-tech-emerg Indymedia backup list
imc-uk-emergency UK Indymedia Emergency List
kc-aktion KlimaCamp - Aktionsplanung, Aktionstraining, Anti-Repression
Kc-finanzen [no description available]
Kc-infotour Organliste der Infotour des Klimacamps
Kc-mainz [no description available]
kc-medien KlimaCamp - Medien, Pressearbeit und Internetpräsens
Kc-oea Ökoanarchistisches Barrio
kc-orga Globale Organisations- und Arbeitsliste für Koordination zwischen AG's.
kc-presse [no description available]
kc-programm KlimaCamp - Kultur, Programm und Workshops
Kc-radioforum Kc-radioforum
Kc-rhein-main [no description available]
kc-schwerpunkte KlimaCamp - Ort, Zeit und Schwerpunkt
KillTheBill [no description available]
knowledgelab knowledge and creativity in context: experimental exchanges about social organisation
Knowledgelab-ireland Knowledgelab list for Ireland
LAF London Anarchist Forum
Lalibertaria Espacio de Contracultura y Autogestion
larc london action resource centre
Libertad-uy conocimiento libre en uruguay
lunevalley-g8-inform a publicly archived list: get informed
matilda M.A.T.I.L.D.A.
Migra-g8-2007 [no description available]
Muenster-alternativ Alternative Kultur, Politik und Aktion in Münster
Nexus-orga Orga-Liste für und um das Nexus (unabhängiges Kulturzentrum in BS)
NGG-organisers Northern Green Gathering organisers
NoBorders-Brum Birmingham NoBorders
Nobordersnotts [no description available]
Northeast-earth-first Northeast Regional Earth First! organizers list
NXCG Neville's Cross Community Gardeners
Ot-gegenkrieg [no description available]
OtroSeminario Espacio de encuentro, dialogo, intercambio, formación, reflexión, debate y capacitación.
pagan-magik pagan magikal aktivism
palestine-solid Popular Campaign for the Solidarity with the Palestinian People - Lebanon
Pip A not-for-profit community group organising the Peace in the Park 2005 music and arts festival.
Pittsburgh-Medical Action Medical Network for Pittsburgh
Pln [no description available]
poolya.goe koordinationsliste des gleichnamigen ressourcenpools auf
Prayer-i58 Praying and Acting for Another World
ProChoiceBerlin-Info Infoverteiler von Pro-Choice Berlin
Project-fallujah [no description available]
Ptmoderation Moderationsvorbereitung der Perspektiventage
Reclaimmayday List for organising Bradford May Day 2012
Reexistencia [no description available]
Resistance-precarity Info exchange, discussion and solidarity on unwaged resistance and precarity, especially at an international level.
Resistg8-wgaw [no description available]
RGA Reading Grassroots Action
rga-u Reading Grassroots Action - updates
Sans-cravates Notre obsession, c'est la révolution.
sas-announce Students Against Sweatshops
Scotia The e-mail list for Scotia Works, Sheffield's citizenship centre.
Shef2venez [no description available]
sheffield-hacklab Email list of the Sheffield Hacklab
sheffield-noborders Sheffield No Borders
sheffieldagainstwar-tech Technicial list for the Sheffield Against War web site
Sheffieldcoopliving list for discussing all kinds of 'intentional community' in the Sheffield area
Sheffsocialcentre Announcment and disucssion list for Sheffield Social Centre collective
soma-dev To co-ordinate work establishing a multimedia metadata schema.
ssf Sheffield Social Forum Discussion List
ssf-research Sheffield Social Forum Research Group
syfaslane365 Email list for the Faslane 365 group centred around Sheffield.
T-bag Totnes based action group
Tacomapmr Tacoma Port Militarization Resistance
Tecnologia_medios_comunitarios lista para desarrolladores técnicos de medios comunitarios
TeresaTreacySupportGroup Teresa Treacy Support Group Updates.
U-laden-nordstadt Umsonstladen in Hannover-Nordstadt
Whitechapelanarchists [no description available]
Wmaction-network [no description available]

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