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Wow!  Impressive collection!> Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2008 10:10:01 +0100> From: Volodya at WhenGendarmeSleeps.org> To: laf at lists.aktivix.org> Subject: [LAF] Films?> > My yesterday's e-mail didn't make it for some reason.> > Also, Ed, Jesus Camp is 1:24:33 long.> > -------- Original Message --------> Hi, on Saturday Ed and i discussed the possibility of maybe having a film> showing for LAF, so here's the list of things which are politicky enough in my> opinion... (sorry if something not politic oriented slipped through)> > 4 Little Girls (eng).mp3.DivX.avi> 638 Ways To Kill Castro (eng).avi> A History of Violence (eng)(eng-com).ogv> A.L.F. - The Frontline.mpeg> Aaron McGruder - H2K2 NYC2002 (eng).mpeg> Adolf Eichmann: The Secret Memoirs - Part 1 (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Adolf Eichmann: The Secret Memoirs - Part 2 (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> After the Warming by James Burke (eng).mp3.h264.avi> Aftershock (eng).mp3.DivX.avi> Agony [1974] - Part 1 (rus)(eng)(fra).ogv> Agony [1974] - Part 2 (rus)(eng)(fra).ogv> Alliance - Weather Underground (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Amistad (eng)(deu).ogv> Anarchism in America [1983] (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Animal Farm (eng).ogv> Atheism - Rough History of Disbelief (eng)(sub-eng).XviD.avi> Atheism - Supplemental Episodes e1-2 (eng)(sub-eng).XviD.avi> Atheism - Supplemental Episodes e3-4 (eng)(sub-eng).XviD.avi> Atheism - Supplemental Episodes e5-6 (eng)(sub-eng).XviD.avi> Babel (sub-eng).srt> Babel [2006] (eng)(rus).ogv> Baldwin's Nigger [1969] (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> BBC Correspondent - War Spin - Saving Private Lynch (eng).DivX.avi> BBC: A War on Science (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> BBC: Chernobyl Accident (eng).mp3.DivX.avi> BBC: Five Steps To Tyranny [2000] (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> BBC: Robert Winston - Origins of Religion - 1 of 2 (eng).mkv> BBC: The World's Greatest Conspiracy Theories - Mind Control (eng).mp3.DivX.avi> BBC: This World - Child Slavery (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Behind the Music That Sucks - 02 - Cherry Poppin' Pop Stars! (eng).XviD.avi> Behind the Music That Sucks - 04 - Killin' Cops and Hip-Hop (eng).XviD.avi> Blinkenlights (eng).mpeg> Bolivia (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Born Rich (eng).mpeg> Bowling for Columbine (eng)(eng-com).XviD.avi> Bullworth [1998] (eng).ogv> Capitalism and Other Kids Stuff (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Catch-22 (eng)(deu).mp3.XviD.avi> CBC - [2006Nov15] - Fifth Estate, The Denial Machine (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> CBC - [2006Nov20] - Passionate Eye Inside al Qaeda, A Spy's Story (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> CBC - [2007Jan27] - Our World, Our Fragile Planet (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> CBC - Doc Zone - China's Sexual Revolution (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> censorship_part1.mov> censorship_part2.mov> Chechnya Film Festifal [2003] - 01 - Assassination of Russia (eng).ogg.XviD.ogm> Chechnya Film Festifal [2003] - 02 - Chechen Lullaby (eng).ogg.XviD.ogm> Chechnya Film Festifal [2003] - 03 - Terror in Moscow (eng).ogg.XviD.ogm> Chechnya Film Festifal [2003] - 04 - Murder with International Consent> (rus).ogg.XviD.ogm> Chronicle of a Disappearance [1996] (ara).ogv> Chronicle of a Disappearance [1996] (sub-eng).srt> Circus Suffering (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Civilisation - 01 - Skin of Our Teeth (eng).XviD.avi> Civilisation - 02 - Great Thaw (eng).XviD.avi> Civilisation - 03 - Romance and Reality (eng).XviD.avi> Civilisation - 04 - Man - The Measure of All Things (eng).XviD.avi> Civilisation - 05 - Hero as Artist (eng).XviD.avi> Civilisation - 06 - Protest and Communication (eng).XviD.avi> Civilisation - 07 - Grandeur and Obedience (eng).XviD.avi> Civilisation - 08 - Light of Experience (eng).XviD.avi> Civilisation - 09 - Pursuit of Happiness (eng).XviD.avi> Civilisation - 10 - Smile of Reason (eng).XviD.avi> Civilisation - 11 - Wonder of Nature (eng).XviD.avi> Civilisation - 12 - Fallacies of Hope (eng).XviD.avi> Civilisation - 13 - Heroic Materialism (eng).XviD.avi> COINTELPRO - The FBI's War on Black America (eng).mp3.DivX.avi> Color Purple (eng).ogv> Coming Out (deu).ogv> Coming Out (sub-eng).srt> Conspiracy of Silence (eng).mp3.DivX.avi> Crash (eng)(esp).ogv> Cult of the Suicide Bomber [2005] (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Devour the Earth (eng).avi> Diary of a Nudist [1961] (eng).ogv> Die.Fetten.Jahre.sind.vorbei.-.The.Edukators_Posted_By_Gianni_Paolo-CD1.avi> Die.Fetten.Jahre.sind.vorbei.-.The.Edukators_Posted_By_Gianni_Paolo-CD2.avi> Discovery Channel - G4L - Lost.Nuke (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Discovery: FBI Files - No Mercy (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Discovery: Wave-Shocked World (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Doctor Zhivago [1995] (eng).ogv> Eckhart_Tolle-The_Power_of_Not_Knowing.DivX.avi> Escape from Gulag (sub-eng).srt> Escape from New York (eng)(eng-com).ogv> Escape from the Gulag (deu)(rus).ogv> Fifth Estate - Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> First Do No Harm [1996] (eng).ogg.XviD.ogm> Fred_Korematsu_Story.avi> Frontline - Memory of the Camps (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Future of Bit Torrent (eng).XviD.avi> Gandhi (eng)(deu)(sub-fra).XviD.avi> Geronimo: An American Legend [1993] (eng)(fra)(deu)(ita)(esp).ogv> Glen or Glenda (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Good Bye, Lenin! (deu)(rus).ogv> H3 (eng).XviD.avi> HARDtalk - Animal-Rights-Bomber (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Heavy_Watergate.avi> History Channel - Declassified Tainanman Square (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> History Channel: The Russian Mafia (eng).ac3.DivX.avi> Horizon - We Love Cigarettes (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Hotel Rwanda [MercifulRelease].avi> Howard Zinn - You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train [2004] (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> I Am Cuba (esp).ogv> I Am Cuba (sub-eng).srt> IBM Verichip and the Fourth Reich (eng).mp3.DivX.avi> Idiocracy (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Igniting the Revolution - An Introduction to the Earth Liberation Front (eng).mpeg> Il Postino - Soundtrack Featurette (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Il Postino (esp)(eng-com)(sub-eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Inside Deep Throat (eng).ogv> Israel's Secret Weapon (eng).mp3.DivX.avi> Jesus Camp (2006) (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hitman (eng).adpcm.DivX.avi> Kidulthood (eng).ogv> Let Them Live (eng).mp3.DivX.avi> Liberation [2006] (eng).ogv> Lilya 4-ever (rus).ogv> Lilya 4-ever (sub-eng).srt> Lola (esp).ogv> Lola (sub-deu).srt> Mahatma Ghandi - Pilgrim of Peace (eng).avi> Manufacturing consent Part1 Noam Chomsky & the media (vo sub eng) DaveFromMars> 2006.avi> Manufacturing consent Part2 Noam Chomsky & the media (vo sub eng) DaveFromMars> 2006.avi> Manufacturing Dissent (eng).mp3.DivX.avi> McLibel [2005] (eng).ogv> Meeting Resistance [2007] (sub-eng).mp3.XviD.avi> MEF.Edward.Said.Lecture.The.Myth.of.the.Clash.of.Civilzations.mp3.XviD.avi> mitw-palestine-middle-east-chomsky-21sep2006.rm> Money as Debt [2006] (eng) .mp3.XviD.avi> Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve (eng).wmv> New York City Hackers (eng).mp42.avi> Nineteen Eighty Four [1984] (eng)(deu)(fra)(esp).ogv> Normal (eng)(deu).mp3.XviD.avi> October 1917 [1927] (sub-eng).ogv> Oil Peak (eng).mp4> Pallywood (eng).mp3.DivX.avi> PBS Frontline: American Porn (eng).mpeg> PBS: Emma Goldman (eng).avi> PBS: Fighting Child Prostitution [2008May30] (eng).mp2.mp4.avi> PBS: The War in Iraq, Through Photographers' Eyes [2006] (eng).avi> People & Power - Our new best friend - the Butcher of Andijan (eng).a52.DivX.avi> People's History of the United States (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> PeppersprayProductions-IndymediaPresentsHowDidWeGetTricked778.mp4> Pirates of Silicon Valley (eng).mp3.DivX.avi> Power of Nightmares - 01 - Rise of the Politics of Fear (eng).mp3.DivX.avi> Power of Nightmares - 02 - Phantom Victory (eng).mp3.DivX.avi> Pressure [1975] (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> RATM in Trotsky's residence.ogv> RAWA - Bin Laden v Wonder Woman (eng).mpeg> RCG_Vol_3_CIF_Roxio_Makes_SVCD.cif> Refusing to Kill (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Revolution OS.mp4> Rich Media, Poor Democracy (eng).mp3.DivX.avi> Riddle (eng).ogg.XviD.ogm> Sad Eyes and Empty Lives - Reality of Zoos (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Secret Scenario [2007] (rus).mp3.DivX.avi> September Tapes (eng)(rus).ogv> Sex Slaves - Frontline Documentary.avi> Shamil' Basayev - Interview to A. Babiczkij (rus).wmv> Skinheads USA - Soldiers of Race War (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Sobach'ye Serdczye (rus).ogv> Sobach'ye Serdczye (sub-eng).srt> Society of the Spectacle (fra)(sub-eng).XviD.avi> Statement (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Stealing a Nation, A Special Report by John Pilger (eng).mp3.DivX.avi> StealThisFilm.Part1.mov> Stolen Children (eng).ogv> Strike (orc)(eng-com)(sub-rus)(sub-eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Supersize Me (eng)(eng-com).ogv> Tank Girl (eng)(deu).XviD.avi> Thatcher: The Making of Margaret (eng).ogv> The Battle of China - 01 - The Battle of China (eng).ogv> The Battle of China - 02 - Land Grabs (eng).ogv> The Battle of China - 03 - The Rape of Nanking (eng).ogv> The Battle of China - 04 - Westward to Freedom (eng).ogv> The Battle of China - 05 - The Burma Road (eng).ogv> The Battle of China - 06 - Changsha (eng).ogv> The Code [2001] (int)(sub-sve).avi> The Free Voice of Labour - The Jewish Anarchists (eng).avi> The Naked Venus [1958] (eng).ogv> The Occult History of the Third Reich [1987] - 01 - The Enigma of the Swastika> (eng).ogv> The Occult History of the Third Reich [1987] - 02 - The SS: Blood and Soil (eng).ogv> The Occult History of the Third Reich [1987] - 03 - Himmler the Mystic (eng).ogv> The Occult History of the Third Reich [1987] - 04 - Adolf Hitler (eng).ogv> The Source [1999] (eng).ogv> Tianamen Square - Tank Man [2006] (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Tibet.Cry.of.the.Snow.Lion.1of2.Xvid.AC3.www.mvgroup.org.avi> Tibet.Cry.of.the.Snow.Lion.2of2.Xvid.AC3.www.mvgroup.org.avi> TimewatchOperationGl1.avi> TimewatchOperationGl2.avi> TimewatchOperationGl3.avi> Truth or Dairy (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> TVO - Human Edge: The Rise and Fall of the Russian Oligarchs [07-02-2007] - 1> (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> TVO - Human Edge: The Rise and Fall of the Russian Oligarchs [07-02-2007] - 2> (eng).mp3.XviD.avi> Ugly Swans [2006] (rus)(sub-eng).ogv> V for Vendetta (eng)(deu).ogv> VeganGal.com (eng).XviD.avi> Viva Zapata [1952] (eng)(fra)(deu)(ita)(spa).ogv> Voices from the Front [1991] (eng).avi> Waco Day 51 - The True Story of Waco (eng).mp3.DivX.avi> Waco The New Revelation (eng).wmv> Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price (eng).ogg.XviD.ogm> War Comes to America - 07 - War Comes to America (eng).ogv> War Comes to America - 08 - Safe for Democracy (eng).ogv> War Comes to America - 09 - Tomorrow the World (eng).ogv> War Comes to America - 10 - Extraordinary Session (eng).ogv> War Comes to America - 11 - National Defense (eng).ogv> War Comes to America - 12 - Day of Infamy (eng).ogv> War.on.Terra.part.1.of.3.-.The.End.of.the.World.as.We.Know.It.avi> War.on.Terra.part.2.of.3.-.Seven.Days.That.Shook.the.Weathermen.avi> War.on.Terra.part.3.of.3.-.What.Would.Jesus.Drive.ws.divx.avi> Wargames (eng)(fra)(deu)(ita)(esp)(eng-com).ogv> Wilderness [2006] (eng).ogv> World According to Bush (eng).mpeg> Zapatista [1999] (eng).mp3.DivX.avi> > Even if we won't have the film day, if you like something on this list ask away,> i'll burn it for you... and if you ever wish to see the unabridged version of my> film collection you can ask off the list also.> > Now my personal votes (in alphabetic order):> > Baldwin's Nigger - that's the talk of James Baldwin when he came to this country> in 1969.> Nineteen Eighty Four - the classic really deserves to be seen if somebody hasn't> already> PBS: Emma Goldman - A documentary film, "Anarchism in America" and "Jewish> Anarchists" can also be a good one.> Tank Man - The story about the Tianamen Square insident> Viva Zapata - A bit hollywoody, but a good story about Zapata> > -- > http://freedom.libsyn.com/ Voice of Freedom, Radical Podcast> http://eng.anarchopedia.org/ Anarchopedia, A Free Knowledge Portal> > "None of us are free until all of us are free." ~ Mihail Bakunin> > > -- > http://freedom.libsyn.com/ Voice of Freedom, Radical Podcast> http://eng.anarchopedia.org/ Anarchopedia, A Free Knowledge Portal> > "None of us are free until all of us are free." ~ Mihail Bakunin> > _______________________________________________> LAF mailing list> LAF at lists.aktivix.org> https://lists.aktivix.org/mailman/listinfo/laf
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